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Why join us

It’s hard starting up your own business.  Any business really, but especially a computer business.  It’s not as easy as posting a sign out on the front lawn and waiting for the clients to come to you.  It’s difficult to establish a reputation and build up a clientelle.  All too often a business will fail because the owner doesn’t have the expertise to expand the business and in turn becomes the business.

Northern Protocol has been in the Barrie computer repair business since 2000.  Since then we’ve developed an unparalleled reputation for integrity, honesty, empathy and quality.  We’ve significantly diversified our offerings over the years to become a truly one stop IT shop, offering everything from high speed Internet service to the world’s most powerful and secure online backup solution to replacing a computer part or virus removals.

When you join Northern Protocol Inc. you will hit the ground running with all the tools, systems and standards we’ve spent over a decade developing.  Just as it is with our clients, we’re here to help you succceed.

Sound good?  Apply today!

Access to a team of specialists

You will get access to a team of specialists with well over 100 years of combined experience in just about every field of IT, including linux, Mac, Raspberry Pi, embedded devices, programming, studio recording platforms and web design, just to name a few.  Having such a highly diversified and experienced team at your disposal means you’ll always have someone that can answer those tough questions.

Offer a complete solution

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) love the fact that they only need to call one phone number to address all their computer service issues.  You will be able to provide them a complete solution from computer repair to networking, sales, high speed internet, web hosting and much more.  No longer will you have to say “I can’t do that” and lose an opportunity.

Established relationships

You will have access to relationships that we’ve established since we started in 2000.  This includes relationships with most of the major manufacturers such as Asus, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco, Asigra and Microsoft to name just a few.  It also includes relationships with dozens of suppliers in the wholesale chain.  We’ve done all the work and built up the relationships and credit lines so you don’t have to.

Hit the ground running

Northern Protocol Inc. has developed a reputation beyond reproach and even won awards for our customer service.  You will be able to leverage that reputation and represent a brand that has become renowned for our commitment to excellence, quality, integrity and empathetic approach.  In the computer service industry reputation is critical to your success.  You won’t have to build it.  It’s already there.