You must be looking for good computer repair in Barrie. Call us toll free at 1-866-800-2-FIX (349)

“We go above and beyond in our computer repairs, upgrades and sales to make computer problems disappear, fast.”

Our mission statement is certainly bold, but it’s how we strive to treat every one of our Barrie and area clients.  It’s really easy to just do the bare minimum during a computer repair.  Anyone can do that.  But if we just did what everyone else does, not only would we not have earned the best of reputations and earned customer service awards, but we would simply join the ranks of mediocrity that prevails.

We have developed a list of very high standards that we live by and a very thorough set of policies and procedures with one goal in mind.  We want to ensure that every single client is treated like our only client and experiences a level of service, expertise and value they just can’t get anywhere else.  We actively work to set the standard so high that others struggle to achieve it and if they do, the public will win as a result.

When our clients trust Northern Protocol with all of their computer repair and sales needs, they know they are getting industry leading expertise and excellence.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Excellent. Highly recommend Northern Protocol to anyone with serious computer problems. Technicians are very knowledgeable, reliable and prompt in dealing with problems.”

Ehlers and Company

“ I received fantastic treatment and fantastic workmanship. If you ever need a computer,software, hardware, or service, Northern Protocol Inc are the people to trust.”

Don Leblanc