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About us

Computer repair shop in Barrie

At the bench in our Barrie computer repair shop.

Northern Protocol Inc. was founded in Barrie in 1999 and incorporated in 2000 with the goal of making a difference.  Computer repair was being looked at with the same dim view as car mechanics and used car salesmen.  People didn’t understand this new technology called computers and they were at the mercy of the computer repair companies.  Indeed over the years videos have surfaced online featuring Nerds and Geeks seemingly taking advantage of unsuspecting consumers.

We wanted to do things differently.  We set out to provide a personalized and friendly experience, one that is completely transparent, one where all your questions could be answered with understanding and empathy.  A Barrie computer service based on a commitment to honesty, integrity, excellence, passion and empathy because we love what we do and we wanted that to reflect in everything we do.

We felt so strongly about our commitment to our clients that we registered the trademark “We fix it or it’s free”, the first guarantee of it’s kind in Simcoe County.

The idea didn’t take long to catch on.  News spread across the County.  Testimonials and reviews started flowing in.  We grew from a simple Barrie mom and pop shop to a team of accomplished, seasoned computer veterans with well over 100 years of combined experience.  We developed more offerings, broadening our horizons to become Simcoe County’s first one stop IT shop, not just for small to medium business but also residential computer users.

We continue in our unwavering commitment to quality and award-winning service.  We continue to go “above and beyond to make computer problems disappear…fast.”